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Raspberry Pi – Setup a VPN Gateway with a Dead Man Switch

Keep network clients safe by routing their all internet traffic through your own VPN Gateway. A dead man switch ensures their traffic is only sent over an encrypted connection, giving you peace of mind.

Setup a low power, secure VPN Gateway using OpenVPN and a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi – Setup a Secure Torrent Client

Keep yourself safe with all traffic leaving your Raspberry Pi using end to end encryption via AirVPN.

Setup a low power, secure torrent client using qBittorrent, OpenVPN and a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi – Setup and Configure a Network Wide Adblocker

One of the greatest Raspberry Pi projects ever is Pi-hole, a network wide adblocker that’s easy to install and ensures all devices on you network benefit from it’s fantastic advert blocking magic.

Pi-hole is one of the easiest projects you’ll ever do on a Raspberry Pi, with just a single line of code it installs its self and this tutorial will run through that install, the administration and maintenance.


Raspberry Pi – Let’s Get Up and Running with a Headless Pi

So you’ve bought a Raspberry Pi and want to start using it for the 101 awesome projects you’ve got lined up, but you don’t have a spare keyboard or monitor. How do you go about setting it up in a totally headless environment?

This is a very quick guide to setting up a headless Raspberry Pi that will automatically join your network and let you SSH in with a fresh install of Raspbian.

Once the Pi is powered up and accessible we’ll be running through the basic settings you’ll need to have everything ready for starting your new project.